Monday, January 29, 2018

What to do when the Leads are away?

When the Leads are away it's a Choreography Day.

We're Updating the Rehearsal Calendar.
MAJ now means Major Roles, Speaking Braves, Lost Boys & Speaking Pirates. We need more people to show up more regularly to have meaningful rehearsals.
If we don't get a more consistent turnout then we will have to have longer rehearsals soon than planned.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Audition Packets

If you need paper copies and couldn't get to the interest meeting, please see Mr. Eargle. Clink the links below to open the pdfs 

Peter Pan Interest Meeting

If you did or did not make it to our interest meeting I'd still like you to fill out a brief Interest Survey detailing how you hope to participate in the Musical this year.

Below is a brief description of Major Roles and Minor/Ensemble Roles. We are only auditioning for Major Roles.

If you have questions please contact Mr. H or Mr. Eargle. If you missed getting audition materials please see Mr. Eargle.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Deadly Earnest

Throughout history infants have been named “Ernest” and it’s safe to assume the recipients of said moniker have grown up and found their niche in life the same as the Johns, Bills, and Toms. There’s nothing startling or arresting or even unusual about the name—except to Henry Gilcrest.

It all started when Henry’s boss fired him, his girlfriend flat-out dumped him, and Aunt Ethel ordered him from her house because he hadn’t paid his rent. Well poor, homeless, girl-less, jobless Henry spends the night in the park and meets Mr. Bumpus. He pours out his troubles to Mr. Bumpus, who tells Henry that life has dealt him a miserable blow and he has a friend named Ernest who, for $17.83, gets poor, downtrodden people like Henry out of their distress. So Henry, in his pitiful, forlorn condition, pays the money, goes back home and finds (1) Aunt Ethel is ready to forgive him, (2) his girlfriend wants another chance, (3) his boss has given him a raise, and (4) life has never been better! Except for the fact that everyone Henry encounters from here on out is named Ernest.


Tickets are $4 and may be purchased at the door.